townhouse construction

By its nature and shape of construction, a townhouse project requires more land to allow the construction of at least three houses attached to one another and it rather addresses itself to a promoter or a group of business people who wish to build in order to resell or for people who know each other and want to live in a community all the while saving and maximizing land and construction space.

The townhouse can adopt several styles: contemporary, Victorian, Canadian or other. A housing project in the city can usually be one of one, two or three floors. Townhouses are a compromise between the condo and the one-family home. The condo requires regulations and a community convention while a townhouse residence in the city allows for more autonomy but less land space than the individual house.

A row house such as a semi-detached residence has especially first-home buyers, professionals or young families who want more autonomy and privacy of land than owners of condos.

Whether you are a developer or a group of business people, the New House Construction under the direction of Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. takes care of: finding the land, mounting the project taking into account your budget, making the plans, applying for the permits and the turnkey construction of your townhouse project.

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