victorian house

New House Construction, under the direction of Mr. Daniel Dargis, Engineer, has among his group of RBQ builders in Quebec and professional architects, technologists and engineers, experienced people who have designed and built hundreds of houses in Victorian architectural style. The Victorian house is something we know all about!

The Victorian house plan

It may be that you have already found a plan to build a new Victorian home which retains your attention and that you are at the stage of adding minor changes and then to estimate the project and begin construction. If this would not be the case yet our designers and architects will take charge of doing the plans for you.

Our group will guide you in designing your Victorian house through the following stages:

  • Sketches and models: The goal here is to produce sketches that will serve as a basis to design a house plan. A 3D modeler of the New House Construction Group from Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. comes to you to listen to you and reconcile: goals, tastes and budget. In this first stage we collect the information you have on hand: ideas, photos, images, plans, sketches, drawings, budget, tastes for and colors of materials, dimensions and shape of parts. To this we do research on the zoning regulations for the construction and then we begin to design sketches in the form of proposals;

  • Estimated budget: Once you have approved a sketch proposal in 2D summary plan and in 3D Victorian perspective, we show these to some of our building contractors to get an approximate budget price for the work. In case of exceeding the budget, it is then possible to make changes to the Victorian house before investing in comprehensive plans. During this stage it is possible that some entrepreneurs bring forward recommendations that will help us improve your model of the Victorian home of your dreams;

  • The plan: Once the sketches and the budget price are approved the building plans of the Victorian house are made;

  • The permit and construction: Once the plan for the New Victorian House Construction is complete it is submitted to the municipality to obtain the permit and the construction work can begin.

The New House Construction under the direction of Mr. Daniel Dargis, Engineer and general contractor, joins you individual, business people, general contractor, promoter or real-estate developer with professional technologists, estimators, project managers and general contractors to make changes to the plans and then build your Victorian house.

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